Monday, December 14, 2009

Through Her Eyes

Last Friday, Gabby had Shopper's Room at school. I remember doing this in elementary school but I think it was called Santa's Workshop. Shopper's Room gives the kids an opportunity to Christmas shop for their parents and siblings with only $1 needed per present. Not a bad deal. In the past, my sister always volunteered and said how much fun it was so this year, being that my friend and I have little ones in kindergarten, we decided to volunteer for Shopper's Room. Our job was to help the kids pick out presents from their lists of people to buy for and then help them wrap their gifts. When Gabby's class came in, she insisted that I helped her. So we browsed around the "Dad" and "Grandfathers" table first. It didn't take long before she set her sights on a bandanna that was folded in half with an American flag pin pinned through it to keep it closed. On the bandanna is a picture of an eagle's head with flames surrounding it. She was dead set on getting this for her Daddy and she kept saying how "he'll just LOVE it"!

As our neatly wrapped presents (that I wrapped) laid underneath the tree, Gabby's excitement got the best of her. She couldn't wait any longer to give us the presents she carefully picked for us. So, on Saturday we had an early sampling of Christmas and here are a few pictures of that special gift Gabby picked especially for her Dad.
Matt needs a motorcycle to go with that and he'll be set.


These Nine Acres said...

Oh darn cute! I still have a frame Ladybug got for me at the same kind of workshop, only it is so small I haven't put anything in it yet, a year later!

Janis said...

Awwww, that is so brought a tear to my eye. I think Gab was thinking much her Dad liked wild life and birds and that eagle fit the bill. Soooo cute...:)

The Church Lady said...

Awwwwe, that is so sweet. I remember my girls could never wait til Christmas to give us their gifts either. They were always so excited to give us what they had picked out. Enjoy this time.

rangerdennis said...

Wow...whate a great gift for Matt. He should tuck it away and bring it out when Gabbs about 16, and show her