Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow In The Forecast

Forecasters are predicting a winter storm maybe the biggest one of the century!!! Are their predictions accurate? Are they estimating a significant snowfall just to help the retailers? Could we really see the snow storm of the century? Hurry! Quickly!! I ain't taking any chances. Get your toilet paper, milk, bread, beer, pretzels, ice-cream, cheese, M&M's, and don't forget to pick up a movie, too! Avoid Walmart if you can, although Giant is probably just as crazy. Bring in some firewood so you can keep the home fires burning. Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your snowblower or tractor for plowing snow. Make sure you have your ice scrapper handy and a warm pair of gloves. Make sure your sleds are in good shape and ready for heavy usage. And last but not least, leave open your blinds so you can embrace winter's beauty from the warmth and comfort of your home.


Janis said...

Sooooo did you do all that??? I did! except fuel for the snowblower or plow (dont I wish) just old fashion shoveling enough to break your back! Just gotta pick away at it. UGH Hate it!

The Church Lady said...

Yep, we were slammed alright! But, it looks like the kiddos will have school tomorrow. I've never seen the crews work so hard to get the roads cleared up so quickly here in PA!