Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Gabby and Holly received The Night Before Christmas book from the Hallmark collection as an early Christmas gift from my sister's family. The girls absolutely love it and I enjoy it just as much. Whats so special about this book is Hallmark added a recording device so you can record your voice as you read each page. When you open our book, Casey's voice begins narrating and Gabby and Holly patiently follow along studying the pictures as their eyes light up with magic.

What a wonderful gift idea that we will enjoy for years to come. It'll be cute to hear Casey's voice 5 years from now when she's well into her teen years. Thanks again guys. We love our book!


Janis said...

You are so is a wonderful keepsake to enjoy for many years.

The Church Lady said...

Casey enjoyed recording it too. I understand that she may have to re-record some of the pages? She will gladly do it.

janjanmom said...

My husband's sister gave us a Christmas book once and we love it!! It is a thoughtful gift that starts a nice tradition.