Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Fairy Visit

Looks like the Tooth Fairy will be visiting our home tonight because Gabby lost another tooth. Her first tooth fell out while she was eating a soft pretzel. I thought it was a piece of salt when she laid it on the napkin but, when I picked it up and examined it closely, I realized I was holding a little baby tooth. The second tooth was only hanging in there by a thread but, she insisted on keeping it there until it was good and ready to come out. She would wiggle it back and forth, side to side but never with too much force as to pull it away from it's socket. Finally, tonight she said, "Hey Daddy, watch this" and with a gentle pluck of her finger, the tooth fell out just like that. No blood, no pain, no tears, no nothing! We're trying to talk her into leaving money for the Tooth Fairy instead of the tooth but, she really wants to give that tooth away!


These Nine Acres said...

Neither of my kids enjoyed pulling their teeth! Hooray for Gabby!

The Church Lady said...

At $5 a tooth, she will be one rich little girl by the time they all fall out!

Janis said...

I just now noticed your post...sorry for being so late with this comment. Gabby is so cute with that toothless smile. She is just in the beginning of many visits from the tooth fairy!