Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fun Mode Camera Setting

When the kids are jumping on the trampoline laughing, being goofy, and showing off their best tricks and the dogs are romping around in the leaves playing cat and mouse, thats when you grab your camera and set it to continous shoot.

Continous Shooting is a technique that allows you to hold down the shutter button while the camera continuously captures your moving objects.  On high-speed, my camera takes 6.5 shots in a second and on low-speed 3 shots in a second.

This type of shooting really gives you the "big picture" capturing every detail and exact movements of your object.  This is my "fun" mode.  I never know what I'm going to get.

Here are some of my "fun" shots.

Nyati was in slow motion so it was easy to keep him focused.

This little booger is always in fast motion.  My camera settings were off because it focused on the ground, not Darla.  But, it was still fun "trying" to photograph her running to me.

Guess I need more practice.  ; )

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