Wednesday, July 2, 2014


River Valley Ranch (RVR) is a christian summer camp located in the rolling lush hills of Carroll County.  Every summer they have special events for the entire family.  You can spend all day swimming, picnicking or watching a nail bitting, clinched fist, jaw dropping rodeo for a bucking good time!

Pictures of the opening ceremonies.  

Here comes the bulls!!  

Wish the fence wasn’t obstructing the intense ride of this bull rider.

An on-looking cowboy

Stilt Walkers and pony rides made two little girls very happy.

RVR also puts on an awesome firework display that we were lucky enough to catch this year.

Our gang


Jan n Jer said...

It's always fun at the glad to see they are back up n running after that terrible flood that wiped them out a few years ago! Looks like everyone had a good time!

Living Life said...

Wonderful images! It really is a nice wholesome family place. I always enjoy my time there.