Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Come On Spring

Now that the holidays are over and we really don't have much to look forward to except the Superbowl (Come on Ravens), I find myself looking at the calendar and wishing the weather tomorrow would be sunny and in the 80's. Unfortunately, living in the Northeast, I have a while to wait until those warm sunny days are here again.

I started browsing the web and stumbled onto WebMD where I began researching SAD. I'm convinced I struggle with this disorder because every year at the same time, the same feelings overwhelm me. I feel like I lose interest in activities I normally enjoy, I'm ready for bed as soon as the sun goes down, I'm always cold so I tend to stay indoors. All of the symptoms are there but, I know in order to help myself, I need to engage in a regular exercise regiment. It seems with any type of disorder, physical or mental related, exercising is the utmost important treatment. So, I guess I should get off my soapbox and start helping myself get over these winter blues. Alcohol does help but, too much of that might lead to losing interest in exercising which then will lead to weight gain. That's a whole different topic. Is anyone with me? How do you cope with winter time blues?


Living Life said...

Like your new "winter layout". I would not think that this disorder would affect you until end of Jan or Feb. Maybe our girl's weekend trip to GA will help! Can't wait!!!
p.s. you can blog to keep busy!!

Anonymous said...

Tray, love your new winter scene. Come on down, is all I can say. We are so blessed to be able to escape what you just described. I do agree though that excercise is the key, it helps to release those feel good indorphines in your brain. Go to it girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy - Rick and I have a friend with this disorder. He's actually gone out and purchased a sun lamp to keep in his house during this time. We try to encourage him to meet us for a beer or to come over and play pool or just hang out. Sometime he does, sometimes he blows us off. He called the other day and said he had been sleeping for 2 days straight. Not because he was sick, just because he felt blah. He's a 40something bachelor so it's even more difficult for him to deal with this. Stay strong, exercise and look for the bright. Sunny days and warm weather is right around the corner!