Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome To Fall

October in the Northeast is beautiful but, it's also a time creepy spiders make their webs and start stockpiling all of the bugs they can.  I have to admit, some spiders are intriguing with all of their colors that help camouflage them and webs that are unique with a beauty all its own.  

Below is a Garden Spider.  Don't really know what the ramafications are if bitten but, I'm pretty sure you can loose a hand, foot, or even your whole limb BWAAHHAHHHAHHHHHAA 


Jan n Jer said...

Thats the same kind of spider I had here in my flower beds. It makes that cool zig zag web pattern. Seems like so many spiders n webs this year! Great pics and love your new fall/Halloween header!

Living Life said...

Can you say CREEPY! Good shot! I gave you 3 points!

Janet said...

I must say that we also have been very "blessed" by spiders and their webs at my house! I sweep 'em away every day!