Saturday, December 15, 2012


Sunset had to have a little surgery.  He started growing a horn that was curling around into his scalp.  There is a blood source to their horns so we knew this was a job for a vet.  It wasn't easy finding a vet in the area that deals with small farm animals.  Most specialize in either domestic small animals or horses.  Luckily, we located one about 40 minutes from our house.  

I wasn't sure how our road trip with a loose goat in the back of Matt's car would go but, Sunset handled it well without getting car sick or jumping over the seats.  We didn't even have to poopy scoop.

The vet gave us two options.  The first was to cut the horn off near the tip.  Easy and quick.  The second option was to cut off the horn entirely.  Not so easy and quick.  We decided to go with the second option so we wouldn't have to make another trip to have the horn cut off again.  The vet instructed us he would have to put Sunset to sleep and take a steel wire to cut off the horn at the scalp.    Even though cutting at the scalp should get the roots of the horn,  goats' sinuses are located on the top of their head therefore, by putting him to sleep was the less painful way.   30 minutes later, it was over with.  We were sent home with Penicillin and a bandaged up goat.

You can tell it hurts because he's been listless.  But, he is eating so each day we should see improvements and Sunset should be feeling like him self again soon.


Jan n Jer said...

Glad Sunset is on the mend. I can only imagine driving in the car with a goat in the back...very interesting image.

Living Life said...

Awwwe! Mom told me about this and I'm sorry I didn't get an update from you earlier. We just always have too much else to talk about! Thanks for posting the update on your blog!

Hopefully Sunset will recover quickly and it's good that she is eating.