Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Fun

Gabby and 6 other excited girls, including Holly, were invited over to a friends house to assemble Ginger Bread Houses.  The mom, who was very brave to do this, had everything they needed in a clean and organized fashion.  All of the candy props were laid out and ready to grab.

Some of the props were to good to resist...

 At one point, it looked like a candy frenzy...icing, fruit loops, and gum drops were everywhere.  The dogs were right at their feet waiting for the next piece of goodness to drop.

Even though sugar from the candy was coercing though their veins causing a lot of giggles and silliness, all of the girls worked hard on their projects strategically placing each M&M and candy cane.  They each had something to take home to display proudly with fun memories to cherish.

1 comment:

Jan n Jer said...

So fun to see them being so creative. I am sure it was very hard for them not to eat the decorations!