Sunday, November 3, 2013

We Got SPIRIT How Bout You

Spirit Camp was a huge success!  After four Saturdays of practicing stunts, tumbling, and dances, the mascots and cheerleaders of Spirit Camp were ready for their production.  

 Holly showing her stunt

Gabby's group came out doing cartwheels.  That's Gabby doing her cartwheel.

 The cheerleaders - Holly, Gabby and Lauren

Maddy, one of the helpers, has been cheering since she was in 3rd grade.  She's a Sophomore in high school.  The show ended with some fabulous stunts.


Jan n Jer said...

I am bummed I missed this....senior moment I suppose. Great action shots!

Living Life said...

Looks like the girls really enjoyed that! Maddy is flyin! BTW, I wondered who took that pumpkin pic in your blog header when I saw it at the Photo Club. I LOVE it!