Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Had To Be There

Funny story.  I booked a room for two nights through the Bushkill Falls website.  Bushkill Falls is known as the Niagra Falls of PA with seven beautiful falls and serene hiking trails.  The website provides spectacular views of the falls and hiking trails as well as fabulous pictures of Fernwood Hotel and Convention Center where you could take advantage of "package deals".  Take a peek at the website.  

After examining the pictures on the website time after time and envisioning the fun we would have,  I booked our room at Fernwood Hotel.  Even if it were to rain, I thought, who cares, because there was an awesome indoor heated pool that the girls would be thrilled to swim in. We were all set to have a wonderful mini vacation and I was anxious to get breathtaking pictures of the falls, too.  

When we pulled up in front of the hotel to check-in, Matt and I looked at each other with the same thought in mind, "This is not a good sign."  The outside was undergoing some renovations, most of the cars in the parking lot had NJ and NY license tags, people were honking at each other, and the outside pool was filled to capacity with loud and very energetic individuals.  We made some jokes, laughed, and went in to get our room keys only to find the inside was being renovated as well.  After getting our room keys, we peeked in at the indoor heated pool.  You know the one that looked so inviting on the website.  It was also occupied with the same type of crowd as the outdoor pool.  The girls excitement grew and grew but Matt and I were feeling more and more discouraged.  Not only does the building look in shambles but the indoor heated pool was in a separate building from where our room was.  When we went back to the car to unload, it was at that point we decided we should cancel our stay.  Our gut feeling was to get out...quickly.  We didn't even check out our room because the dingy, dark hallway that reeked of cigarette smoke and was littered with empty wine bottles sitting outside doorways, gave us a good clue we weren't missing anything.  It was one of those times you just had to be there.  Here are some not-so-good reviews about Fernwood Hotel:


Fernwood - not the best
PostedJune 24, 2013
Put some money into the upkeep of the rooms! Breakfast area was disappointing also. Not much to choose from.
Plenty of local activities.
The room was clean but the carpet was worn, shower faucet was broken, heat lamp was broken, the mini fridge was frozen solid and we didn't have enough towels. Also there was mold in the bathroom above the shower. The carpets in the corridors were badly stained. The repair man was good and arrived right away when we requested him. The receptionist also was very capable and pleasant..

Our trip was saved after we found Split Rock Resort.  Indoor heated pool.  Check.  Outdoor pool.  Check.  Lake area swimming and boating.  Check.  Indoor Water Park.  Check.  No rif-raf.  Check.  Here are some pics from our mini stay.



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Jan n Jer said...

Glad your mini vaca way saved! Looks like fun for everyone here!