Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter's 8th birthday with a party, lots of friends, presents, and games.  We had our Face Painter, Casey, back again this year and she did a remarkable job painting animal faces, bugs and butterflies, and "masks" on everyone.

We had sack races and a balloon toss.  The sacks were made by my multi-talented mother in-law.  She made them with burlap and put "Happy Birthday Hop" on the front of them.  So darn cute!  You might even see these again next year.

But, out of all the presents Gabby received, I think this gift was the most popular with the kids (and adults).

You can always get a good laugh, especially if you slip it under someone without them knowing it (not that it's happened to me).  And of course, adding dramatic facial expressions makes it funnier, too.  Thanks Pop Pop and Nana.  Do you know how many times in a day I hear the unmistakeable sound of the "Whoopee Cushion"? The gift that keeps giving.  

Happy 8th Birthday Gabby Girl.


Jan n Jer said...

It was a fun celebration for everyone! The hop sacks are so cute n something u will get lots of use out of!

Living Life said...

Great memories~! Isn't it funny how the most simple gift can be the most fun?