Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Patience, Patience...Jackpot

Couldn't wait to do a post on this.  Ozsvath Reptile's a.k.a. Lizards of Oz has just hatched out the first of two new morphs.  He has been working on many different projects over the years and finally, FINALLY, his hard work and patience paid off.

Introducing the newest morph to the world of snakes, the Leopard Pied Clown Ball Python

To top it off, this little gem is a male giving Matt the opportunity to breed him to many females.

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The other first of it's kind is a Leopard Orange Dream.  This little beauty came from a clutch of eggs fathered by two different fathers.  This one and the one above came from the same clutch of eggs.  SHOCKING!!

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So, So, So, VERY proud of you Matt!!


Jan n Jer said...

wow...I know Matt is so excited! Congratulations on a great creation! The markings on the first one...looks like you used the eraser tool in photoshop...LOL

Colleen Cardwell said...

Ok, how do you know a snake is male vs female? Kudo's to Matt!