Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Over the weekend we had an insignificant snowfall and the warmer temperature Monday morning created a settling fog making everything feel still and quiet.  I wanted to capture the feeling with my camera so I headed to Codorus Lake for some amateur photo fun (soon, I'll be sharing my never over or under exposed, in-focus, manual mode pictures ;) Hopefully you'll agree.



Jan n Jer said...

Tray...these are great the reflections in the lake n that lone picnic table in the fog...The barn shot is post card worthy! I think you did a great job...don't be so hard on yourself! Hugs xoxo

Living Life said...

That is so funny! I went to Codorus yesterday just as the sun was coming up to get some quick pics before the fog burned off. I was dissappointed in my photos. Yours turned out great! My favorite is the picnic table.

Faye said...

Tracy, I couln't choose just one favorite out of all these winter scenes. As you say, winter, especially when it snows, is just so still.

Lately I've been following some photo blogs from Sweden and Norway for their amazing winter studies. Mostly get them from the Watery Wednesday meme.