Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Do It!

This year, I'm doing things different.  I'm not holding back.  I'm the type of person that sets short-term goals because I always loose sight of my long-term goals.  I have good intentions of trying new ideas or "stepping outside my box" but then, somewhere, somehow, I loose focus and sit back and watch my opportunities go by.  This year, my new motto is Just Do It! I'm so envious of those who have that drive in them.  How do they get it?  How can I get it?  



Janis said...

U Go is cheap....make your actions match your words!!!! Sometimes thats very hard to do when in the middle of raising a young family n working too!
Find out where that camera club is and lets get cracking! I will go with you! We both have the same goals! Hugs xoxo

BTW.. aint picnik FUN!!!

Living Life said...'re not wearing your Nike's! lol jk....go for it!