Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Survivor Woman

I love watching Survivor Man on Discovery. Les Stroud a.k.a. Survivor Man, journeys out into the wild alone for seven days without food, fresh water, shelter, or tools. There's no camera crew to video his expedition, Survivor Man captures his own footage.

I'm so intrigued by him probably because I'm such a scaredy cat of the dark and freaked out by spiders. Les spends very dark, ere, cold nights in jungles, deserts, and even floating on a half inflated raft in the ocean. Now, that takes a lot of courage and calmness. Staying calm and not panicking are his famous words. But, put yourself in any of those situations and try not to panic. That would be incredibly hard to do.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in survivor woman mode especially on those sleepless nights when the kids are sick or the husband, and you have 50 million things to do the next day. Or when you're so busy during the day, you forget to eat or pee. Or when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and the kids pluck at your every last nerve. When my survival mode kicks in, I'll raise up my hands to the ceiling and in my most dramatic voice, beg God for patience and understanding. Usually at that point, Gabby makes me feel like I'm really crazy when she gives me a puzzled look and asks, "Mommy, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Maybe I should try to live by Les' famous words of staying calm and don't panic. Hey, if Survivor Man can live off of a few berries and sleep on the raw forest floor with red ants and spiders crawling around him, I think I can survive in my little world. I will survive...HEY HEY!!

This is my Survivor Woman mode. When I look like this, watch out...ain't nothing going to stand in my way.


♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

I understand that look, for sure! I have been the same way lately. I heard that Survivorman was as bit faked, though...I can't remember the stink about it, but it was something like there were people there scouting out the area for him.

Janis said...

I can usually tell when your in your survivor woman mode, I think yesterday was one of them. Like I told you before, You dont know what patience is until you have children.

The Church Lady said...

Sounds like you are ready for this vacation.