Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Man's Trash Another Man's Treasure

Here in Pennsylvania, residents are allowed to place bulk items out for trash or recycling pick-up. On the eve of trash pick-up you can find piled in the corners of each driveway, strange things, old things, useful things, and things that should stay in the trash. We have taken full advantage of this "bulk" pick-up and placed an old toilet out. The funny thing is before the trash men came, it mysteriously disappeared. I think it was the toilet ghost because it just disappeared...POOF! GONE! Now I wished I had cleaned it before setting it out there. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams our used toilet would become another man's treasure. What would you do with a used toilet?

That's what happens, though. You set things out for the trash and the next thing you know, it vanishes. Matt and I think it's comical. I have to admit though, we've partaken in this weird behavior a few times. We picked up a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe and just recently, we scored a really nice set of Emerilware. Our neighbors decided to put them out for the "trash" because they received a new set for Christmas. Thanks Will and Stacey!! Take a look yourself. I couldn't let these triple layer stainless steel, copper aluminum base pans go to the trash when it's quite clear that these are keepsake treasures. I just love them, too!


These Nine Acres said...

Wow! Score! That is funny about the toilet. Blah!

Jan n Jer said...

HaHa...its sorta like dumpster diving. I have also put items at the curb and like magic they disappear. That was a nice find girl!

The Church Lady said...

You dumpster divers! Just kidding....did you really pick up a cozy coupe? Those pans are nice! Haven't your neighbors heard of donating these barely used items to the mission or council of churches? I can't believe they would sit them out for the trash!