Friday, August 28, 2009

The Last Hoorah

Finally, after waiting for weeks and three days before school started, we made it to Knoebels. For those of you who haven't been or haven't heard, Knoebels is a wonderful family amusement park tucked away in the mountainous town of Elysburg, PA.

It's much different then your typical amusement parks, for example and best part of all, there is no admission costs and you can pay per ride. It's a place that gives a nostalgic feel as you walked the windy gravel paths through a maze of majestic trees with park benches, pavilions, and painted wooden signs and fences. The clanking sounds of the cars climbing the wooden coasters could be heard throughout and the smell of funnel cakes filled the air. It certainly gave the feeling of being back in time.

We enjoyed the day with my Sister In-law and her family. The kids were pooped and the adults, too but, it sure was a good ending to summer vacation. We'd like to go again next year and hopefully have an equally good time as we did this year . Here are some pictures from our day.


Janis said...

Looks like fun, one day I will make it there. Gald you finally did.

The Church Lady said...

I agree. This park is one of those best kept secrets in PA. We would like to go again some day.