Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flower of the Sun


"How sublime the sunflower's beauty as she achieves her destined climb; how flexible and resilient,as she endures the storms of life. How freely she gives of herself,yet with little, survives. Such a blessing is my golden friend…how glorious…how wise…"

I'm so proud of the little sunflower patch Matt and I planted. Next season, I'm planting twice as much so that the hill and field on the side of our house is painted in beautiful colors of yellow and orange.


Janis said...

They are so beautiful. A whole field of them next year will be awesome! I will donate some seeds for your future project! Great photos bee's and all.

The Church Lady said...

How pretty! I didn't realize you had them growing. Every year they will multiply and eventually the entire field will be sunkissed yellow!