Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa at Hill Top

For the 3rd year in a row, we've taken the kids to see Santa and Mrs. Claus at Hill Top Barn. A charming country store about 15 minutes from our house that looks like a barn and built on top of a hill, hence the name Hill Top Barn. It's become our "place" to go for pictures with Santa because of three reasons; no long lines like you wait in at the malls, the Christmas decorations placed everywhere making for great picture opportunities, and Santa is the real deal. No fake beard or grey die for his hair. No fake glasses or extra stuffing. He truly is jolly and is great with the kids. Surprisingly though, our cute little Holly who approaches everyone to shake their hands to say hi, didn't think Santa was so great. You'll see in the photo below. I was determined to get a picture with her and Santa though, so, against her will, I grabbed her and threw her into Santa's arms for a quick picture. Hopefully Holly will get a good laugh at that picture one day.

In addition to my sister Kelly and her two girls, Carley and Casey, this year my sister in-law, Kim and her son, Payton joined us along with my other nephews, Jake and Adam. Unfortunately, Payton who is 4 years old, wasn't too fond of Santa either and wasn't in the picture taking mood. But, Jake who is 12 years old and Adam who is 9 years old, were happy to sit on Santa's lap.

Here are a few pictures from today.
Holly's not so jolly.

Jake discussing his wish list with Santa.

Adam's been a good boy this year.

The girls, Carley, Gabby, and Casey

Our gang, Matt, Gabby, Santa, Holly, and Me


Janis said...

Oh! how cute, Holly does not look happy--hohoho. she will look back on that photo and laugh. The rest of the kids look like they had a great time with Santa. Good photos.

{i}Post said...

So much fun! My kids have never been very fond of Santa, but they have never screamed. He looks like a fabulous Santa!


The Church Lady said...

Oh yeah, we were there too! I got a great pic. of the girls. Sadly, it is only a photo opp. now, as the spirit of S. Clause only lives in their hearts...

Colleen said...

Looks like most had a good time. Maybe next year Holly will also. I've been looking for somewhere to take Michael. Where exactly is this barn?