Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

We decided to head out today to find a Christmas tree. This is a yearly tradition and now that we have kids, it's even more fun each year.

The sky was gray and the air was nippy but calm. The weather added more excitement to our trip. We bundled up in our winter coats, piled into our car with saw and rope in hand, and began the short drive to a local tree farm. This was our first year going here and we were surprised to find an assortment of quality trees on such a small farm of only 3 acres. $30 for any size or type of tree. We usually stick with Douglas Firs because we like the short firm branches so, off on our search we went. As we walked the rolling hills eyeballing each tree, flurries began falling ever so lightly. How exciting!! The feeling of Christmas sure was in the air. It wasn't long afterwards until we stumbled upon "the perfect tree". We took it home and set it up right away. Gabby couldn't wait to start decorating it. Matt, Gabb, and Holly

The finished product.

Gabby and Holly being silly.


{i}Post said...

Beautiful! We tried to put ours up tonight, but are having trouble with the stand! *ugh*

The Church Lady said...

I was thinking about you yesterday and wondered if you ventured out in this cold weather!! The tree looks great! What a nice tradition. For over 12years we too would have a fresh cut tree until last year - I decided to go fake. We took it out of the box and plugged it in last night. It surely is a time saver.

Janis said...

The tree is so pretty and I bet it is so fragrant. That is what I miss with having an artificial tree. I know the girls are getting excited about "Santa" coming soon. Love n Miss you all!