Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Things You Find Along The Way

My friend Colleen and I were on our way to a Scrapbook Party at Kelly's house when we passed two bikes sitting along side of the road with a sign that read "Free" on them. It was dusk and misty so we really couldn't tell the condition they were in but, what we thought we saw were two perfect size bikes, one for Holly and the other for Gabb. We decided to pick them up after the party. However, by time the party was over, the weather had turned for the worse and a thick fog had rolled in along with a heavier mist. Determined, Colleen drove cautiously down the windy country road until we came upon our perfect find. Excitedly, we both jumped out and each grabbed a bike. We were thrilled about our find. I didn't even tell Gabrielle about the surprise until the next morning.

The next day, Matt, who wasn't so thrilled about this "find", moved the bikes into the garage and when he went to grab one, he got this sticky, gooey stuff, all over his hand. When I went to get a closer look, the perfect "find" wasn't so perfect. To make a long story short, the bikes are now sitting at the end of our driveway with the "Free" sign still displayed. Moral of the story; Look beyond the "free" sign because it's usually free for a reason.


The Church Lady said...

One person's junk is another's treasure!

Janis said...

You saved those people a trip to the dump!

{i}Post said...

Oh i want to know what the gooey stuff was? *gag*