Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remembering 2012

2013... A time we reflect on the previous year...a time we make new year's resolutions...a time we feel sad that the holidays are over and we return to, work, swim and dance practices, meetings...but at the same time, anticipating another wonderful year.

2012 was a good year.  I have absolutely no complaints.  Our family was very blessed.  Here are a few things we'll always remember during the year 2012:

~In February our niece gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  We all enjoyed watching her at Christmas toddling around and making us laugh at her cute sounds and facial expressions.

~Over the summer, Matt introduced three new Pythons to the reptile world:  a Leopard Pied Ball Clown, Leopard Clown, and Leopard Orange Dream.

~In August, Our step Grandmother, Jean Reisenweber went to be with the Lord.  She will always be remembered for her witty comments and interesting conversations as well as her incredible fashion sense.

~September, Holly started kindergarten and Gabby started third grade.

~October brought our families together at the Cline's Family Picnic at Washington Monument State Park.  It was a cold and blustery fall day but that didn't stop us from having FUN!

~November was a quiet month with unusually warm temperatures.  We spent Thanksgiving with the Ozsvath's and enjoyed the balmy temperatures by taking a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner.

~December was busy.  Hustling around preparing for Christmas and enjoying Christmas school programs and parties. Unfortunately, we lost a dear friend, Alice Vanover.  She passed away from complications of cancer.  She made us laugh a lot and cry sometimes, too.  She had a big heart for kids and even bigger for animals.  She always made sure to have goodies for us and even our dogs.  We'll miss you Aunt Al.

Our little dog Kaina went to heaven, too.  She had diabetes for three years and as time went on she lost her vision.  She escaped from under our fence and never returned.  I hope she laid down in a warm place and peacefully went to sleep.

We said goodbye to December with a trip to Ocean City where we brought in the New Year.  This was Gabby and Holly's first trip to Ocean City, MD.  2012 went out with a bang!    


Jan n Jer said...

2012 was a good year..except the end with the Death of my BFF Alice! Love all your was filled with lots of family love!

Living Life said...

Many good memories in 2012. Don't forget that awesome vacation! Loved the slide show too!