Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Toilet?

Oh boy, here we go again.  My husband is obsessed with using finding the perfect toilet.  The first toilet that the builders installed did not have adequate flushing power.  So, after hours of careful research, Matt decided that replacing it with an American Standard brand would give him us the flushing power needed for those stubborn "times".

He claims he was thrilled with our new toilet but, I begged to differ.  For one, the toilet seat was uncomfortable  and secondly, it would periodically emanate a foul odor.  I would scrub, spray, scrub, and spray again but, the odor would return after a day or two.  However, even though I was disgruntled and asked myself over and over why we needed a new toilet in the first place, I tried not complaining too much.  After all, Matt made careful considerations when picking out this toilet and only had the best of intentions.

Then, during our stay at the Hilton Hotel, Matt discovered a toilet with flushing powers he's never seen.  A toilet that with a tap of your finger, flushed everything and anything away like an avalanche screaming down a mountainside.

We talked a lot about toilets that weekend.  Matt couldn't get the toilet off his mind.  It was as if he found a new love.  I could tell he was really excited so, I patiently listened (with one eye open and one eye closed.  Sometimes with both eyes closed).

Today, when I got home, to my surprise Matt was installing the Kohler Wellworth toilet with Sloan Flushmate inside, which flushes like a jet engine taking off!  Just like the one in our hotel room.  I was flabbergasted!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would ever own one of these toilets or even care to. I just thought we both thought the toilet in our hotel room was nice, that's it...just a thought.  But, I should have known my husband had other things in mind that weekend after all of the deep and lengthy discussions.  I should have known one thing would lead to another.

Now look at us...another toilet to try and hopefully love...forever.

Sometimes you just need to laugh and blog about it then cry.


Jan n Jer said...

LOL...We should get Matt to install two of them here in the villa. All all I can say is thank Goodness for a good plunger...if you know what I mean.

Living Life said...

How exciting! These things are very important to the man of the house! Now I know where to "go poo" when I visit your house!