Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tonight is the start of the Halloween celebration. You see, Pennsylvania does things a bit different and confusing. Each township decides when they want to designate a night for trick or treating and tonight is Penntownships night. We're taking the kids to G.J.'s and Grandpa's to cruise their neighborhood for goodies. Then, on Friday, we're cruising over to my sister in-law's neighborhood for more trick or treating.

Over the years, Halloween seems to have grown in popularity. As you ride around, spooky ghosts and pumpkins illuminate yards and porches while bushes and trees are decorated with glowing orange lights. I have to admit, some displays are down right scary and creative. People spend a lot of time on these projects trying to make them the most creepy and spookiest of all just so they can scare the pants off of people.

The blustery wind sure does make it feel like Halloween but we're not going to let any ghouls or Werewolves that may be prowling around tonight scare us. No sireee! That's why the husbands are coming along. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAA!!!

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Jan n Jer said...

Hey where did you get those pics? SCARY! looking forward to tonite, gonna be a cold one Brrrrrrrrrrrrr