Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beach Bumming It

Finally made it to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Driving down was a bit of a night mare since it was raining sideways and bumper to bumper traffic through DC and almost all of VA.  Alas, after 9 grueling hours in the car, our beach front resort was waiting for us.  The sounds of the ocean drew us immediately to our balcony...ahhh the fresh salty air.

We had a fun filled week chocked full of beach and pool time, shopping, dinner, Ripley's Aqaurium, and the Alligator Adventure.  Even though our drive was dreary, our week was bright and sunny.  The ocean water temperature was 83 degrees.  PERFECT for my timid self.

Here are just a few pictures to share with you : )

After many times of questioning our ETA and hearing the same answer, "No, we're not there yet. In about 4 more hours we'll be there", Holly decided to call it quits.

Those striking baby blues...

Her smile always makes me smile

A passer byer asked if he could take our family picture.  I was thrilled he knew how to use my camera.

Love my moon shots.  Gorgeous nights on the beach

This little dude is an Albino American Alligator.  

I'm sucker for frogs.  He is a Monkey Tree Frog

The wonders at the aquarium were mesmerizing

Loved photographing the Sea Nettles or commonly called Jellyfish.  Fact: Jellies come in many sizes and shapes, but are more then 99% water no matter how big they are.

SHARK!  Did someone say SHARK?  Yes, it's a shark feeding on small fish in front of our hotel.  We watched from our balcony as people scurried into the ankle deep water to capture a once in a lifetime photo opportunity.  We stayed at the pool that day ; )

Ahhhh....the memories.


Jan n Jer said...

Great photos...looks like you all had a wonderful time. Yep...after seeing that shark...I would have stayed at the pool also!

Living Life said...

WOW!!! You got some awesome images. I love the family shot too. I'm thinking "Christmas Card", you?