Sunday, May 12, 2013

Street Photography - 1st Attempt

I was a little apprehensive going into the tiny little farmer's market with our camera club and pointing my camera at strangers. Right away, I was shunned by two Amish ladies.  For a minute, I was concerned this might be more difficult then I thought but, as our club dispersed throughout the market, I noticed people noticing us.  People were curious as to what we were doing and who we were.  After the shunning, I thought the best way to do this is approach the person(s) and tell them briefly what I was doing.  And before long, workers and regular patrons of the market were "hamming" it up so that we would snap a picture of them.  

Favorite colorful picture

This couple wins the "cuttest couple on the planet" award

This man was oblivious to me as I followed him around the market snapping pictures of him picking out fruits and vegetables.

These two sweet girls were glad to have their pictures taken and they made us the best smoothies.

This group of "regulars" were a lot of fun.  One claimed he was in the witness protection program and the other wanted me to make sure to get his "melons" in the shot.  After we had a few laughs, they agreed to let me take their picture...if I was desperate for a shot.  This is my favorite one. 


Jan n Jer said...

It was a fun outing...nice pics too!

Living Life said...

That was a good time! You got alot of nice "street" pics! We made so many friends!