Sunday, February 3, 2013

It Couldn't Be

It couldn't be January.  This picture was taken January 29th and the temperatures soared to 64 degrees.  I wished I had more time to "play" because it was a picturesque day.

Here's the same shot 3 days later.  The temperatures plummeted to a frigid 23 degrees. The wind was whipping and a light dusting of snow covered the ground.


Jan n Jer said...

Nice pics...trying to figure out where this is. I see your getting familiar with your Cannon..I like the buzzards in flight in your previous post!

Living Life said...

Mother nature really knows how to mess with ya. Wishing for more warmer days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Weather changes where we live. And there is a saying, "Wait until tomorrow" meaning the weather will be the way you like it then. I guess. It never is too hot or too cold on the day it is just right -- and that seems to be a problem nowadays with Global Warming.