Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Expense. Little Hassle. Awesome Shelf.

I finally got my hubby to hang my completed shelf project that has been sitting in my bathtub for weeks.  I got this great idea form Pinterest.  It's a wonderful site that has endless crafts, recipes, decorations, DIY projects, and so on.  Click on my Pinterest button to see my boards.

Anyway, I begged my sister to hand over an old drawer she bought a long time ago at a yard sale.  She had big visions for this drawer but, sadly, it stayed in her garage, being moved from time to time as she cleaned around it.  Finally, it found a new home on top of a cabinet where it would never be noticed.

After being inspired from  alllll of the ideas on Pinterest, I knew I could turn the old drawer into an awesome shelf that I've been needing in my bathroom forever.

First, I got my handy dandy little sander and went to town sanding.  It was originally painted white but I decided to change the color to yellow.  I wanted to carry the color from my bedroom into the bathroom and by painting the shelf yellow gave it a nice flow plus I already had yellow paint.  After the paint dried, I took my handy dandy little sander and distressed it all over giving it that old, antique look again.



I love the beach so while we were at the beach, I collected a few decorations for my shelf and I think it worked out pretty well.

Another Pinterest project I can check off.  My bathroom however, is WIP (work in progress)


Jan n Jer said...

Awesome...this turned out great! You can be proud!!

Living Life said...

I love it! It turned out great! It goes perfectly in your bathroom.