Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NYC Trip

Once again, the school district put together a bus trip to NYC.  Bus drivers are included because we fall under the same umbrella as the administration.  This year, I thought it would be fun for Matt and I to take on the big apple.  I have been a few times before with other groups so I didn't worry about navigating, just following.  This time was different.  We were on our own.  I prepared as well as I could and planned our day first with getting on the subway and going to see the WTC memorial.  The subway GPS that we downloaded on Matt's phone was a bit confusing and we found ourselves walking...alot.

This is Matt trying to look happy to disguise his frustration. 

After having to take a different subway line into the WTC due to a murder being investigated and the E line being closed, we made it to the memorial site.  Security was extremely tight and everyone is required to have a ticket.  The tickets are free but as they weave you through, there are about 5 points where you are stopped while security checks your tickets.

The reflecting pools are amazing and the majestic towers stood tall blending in with the blue skies and puffy clouds.  Engraved around the edges of both pools, are the names of the people that perished.  It was hard to imagine there was once massive piles of rubble and destruction.  Today, it's a beautiful park with trees, grass and benches.

From here, we walked down to the water and boarded the 3:30 Staten Island Ferry.  The Ferry is free and takes you past the most iconic statue in NYC.  This was a great time to snap away.

We past this tug boat hauling smashed up cars.  I'm sure they were heading to the recycling plant to cash in on the scrap metal.

After our boat ride, we jumped on the subway one last time.  Our GPS told us to exit at the 14th street location, which we did, and the last two hours of our trip was spent walking until we reached 51st.  Wish I had a pedometer on me that day because it felt like 10 miles.  Boy, it sure felt good to plop my butt down in the bus seat and eat my pizza.

We had a great trip.  I can't wait to go next year!


Faye said...

First closeup photos of the WTC memorials that I've seen Tracy. Thanks--very respectful and moving design. Your photos were all soft and diffused this day--lovely quality.

Kudos to you all for navigating public transport in the Big Apple. I'm pretty brave about traveling alone but not so much with figuring out public transportation. End up walking my feet to nubs! :-)

Jan n Jer said...

You covered everything you wanted to do..so thats a plus! Soooo much to see in such a short time! Great pics!

Living Life said...

You certainly did alot of walking! That ride along the Staten Island Ferry is a must do for anyone going to NYC. Can't wait to go next year!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

what a fun adventure! beautiful pictures, too;)