Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot and Steamy Nights

I love the sounds of crickets and cicadas singing on hot summer nights. I love watching the lighting bugs light up the night sky. But even more so, I love when the nights are hot and steamy making it perfect for a night swim. Our neighbors put in an awesome pool so last week when the nights were hot and steamy, we joined them for a refreshing swim.
Host and Hostess
They have twins the same age as Gabby.  The kids love the water and are quite the swimmers.
Love the look, Holly.
NO FEAR!!!  Gabby opted NOT to try that...just yet
Surf's up Dude!!

Something about swimming on hot steamy nights, makes it so much fun.  Even the kitten didn't mind a little bit of water.


Living Life said...

Makes me want to jump right in! It's so nice you have close neighbors who have a pool! The kids will get many years of enjoyment!

Jan n Jer said...

Wow that is an awesome pool...lucky you to have such nice neighbors! Great photos...I love the last two with the cute!