Monday, April 18, 2011

Annual Tradition

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Yesterday, we enjoyed our annual Palm Sunday get together with my sister's family, my Dad and step Mom, and the newest members of our family, Raven and Chris. It's difficult getting our families together for Easter so, my sister a.k.a Church Lady, has invited us over for a Palm Sunday lunch/dinner for the past few years and it's worked out great.

The day usually starts off with an Easter egg hunt for Gabby and Holly. Thanks to Nature Girl, she always makes sure there's goodies stuffed in the eggs. But the main event is Easter egg decorating. We had 5 dozen of eggs to decorate and everybody decorated some. The best part about decorating eggs is each one is different just like a snowflake. It really makes for a pretty display when we're finished. It was a really fun day and we even got to play outside. Here are some pictures of our day.


Jan n Jer said...

Great pics, looks like everyone had a good time. Holly looks like a terror on wheels..LOL

The Church Lady said...

It was a great day and I always look forward to it!

These Nine Acres said...

What a great idea! Cute eggs. Looks like a fun time was had by all!