Monday, March 7, 2011

Out of Commission

Children can certainly be a big challenge but they turn into little angels when they sleep

I can't remember a time when all four of us were sick at the same time. It all started Thursday night and by Saturday, we were all sneezing, coughing, and feeling achy with fevers. Not the way I wanted to spend my weekend. Today, we're taking another sick day and trying to get back to normalcy tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm tired of this icky monster of a thing hanging around. GO AWAY!!

Until then...give me another kleenex and more cough medicine...


Jan n Jer said...

Oh my, I was wondering how your gang was feeling??? Sorry to hear it. Jer n I are still feeling out of commission too! Hope the germs take a hike real soon!! This has been a real nasty bug we all have.

The Church Lady said...

Poor babies. Poor you! I sure hope you will all be on the mend soon!