Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breakfast Birthday Celebration

Pop Oz and MiMi

This year for Pop's birthday, we celebrated a little differently. In the past, our tradition has been meeting at their house for ice-cream and cake, but this year, we went out for breakfast.

Pop has grown to love dinning at Dutch Country Restaurant. He often goes there for breakfast on Saturday mornings with his daughter, Kris. So, the family thought it would be fun to surprise him and celebrate his birthday there.

It turned out great! The chocolate chip pancakes seemed to be a popular choice...even for the grown ups but the best part was seeing Pops surprised look when he turned the corner and saw all of us. We had 19 people and was only missing one. Here are a few pictures from our breakfast birthday celebration.

From left: Mom Oz, Pop Oz, Kim, Matt, Kris, Holly and Gabby

The whole gang


Jan n Jer said...

Thats a wonderful way to celebrate. Great pics!

The Church Lady said...

That's so nice that you were able to surprise him! These are cherished memories.