Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cute Wicked Witch

Over the weekend, Gabby went to her first Halloween festivity for the month and she was very excited to dress up in her scary, wicked costume. She didn't want anything to do with being a princess, looking pretty, or dressing as her favorite Disney character/singer, Selena Gomez, she was all about being the scariest, ugliest witch I could make her into.

We applied green witch makeup and added some warts, painted her hair green and have a scary (cute) wicked witch. After the party, Gabby told me that the Mom having the party was a clicker with her camera and kept clicking away at her...I can see why.

This is Holly's scary face. Looks more cute then scary.


The Church Lady said...

Great job on the makeup Mom! But, no matter how wicked she feels, she will always be a cutey!

Janis said...

She looks good...scary too! Cant wait for trick or treat.