Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Night On The Town

Thursday night, we participated in our first Halloween parade with Gabby's dance class. The parade is a huge deal for the locals and causes complete chaos throughout the town.

Chairs, blankets, tape, and rope, lined the parade route reserving front row spots. Detour signs were placed. Businesses closed early. It was all the chatter amongst everyone. If I didn't live here, I would have thought President Obama was coming to town. It really is crazy!

The evening started at 4:00 and ended at 10:00. Gabby's dance class dressed up as Zombies and decorated a float/trailer to look like a creepy grave yard. By 7:00, though, our little Zombie's were very cold and tired and by time we started proceeding, they were too tired to dance and huddled closed together in the graveyard trying their hardest to stay warm. Pre-parade sights, sounds, and activities kept the rest of us warm. Here are a few pictures of our big night on the town.

One of the Zombies and G.J. dancing.

Looks like G.J. enjoyed herself.


Jan n Jer said...

Those are cute pics. I think it was more fun behind the scenes then the actual parade. But your right...its a BIG DEAL in this town.

The Church Lady said...

I can't tell, which one is the zombie and which one is GJ? Just kidding!! LOL

Sorry we missed it! It was the perfect night for the parade.

Jennifer said...

Cool Halloween pics.