Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunset and Olivera

One day, while "playing" on the internet, Matt showed me these cute little goats he discovered. We both fell in love with them and thought it would be a fun little project for us and the girls. So Matt researched them, and researched them again, and again as he does with every project, and finally we found a breeder who had just what we were looking for.

When we contacted Avolino Farm breeders of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, the owner's Chris and Danielle were a wealth of information and great to deal with as well. They had a lot of patience with us "city folks" .

So, one day in May we traveled to their farm in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. We spent two hours watching and observing the herd of 150 and also discussing the history, health, and care of the goats. Finally, after a lot of consideration we were able to narrow down our decision. Matt picked Olivera, the doe and I picked Sunset, the weathered male (he's castrated). Matt picked Olivera because of her colors and markings. The breeders said she was good show quality because of those traits so maybe one day you'll see her in a 4-H show proudly displaying a blue ribbon. I picked Sunset because he has markings and colors that reminded me of an antelope and he has wattles. Wattles are like skin tags on people but on goats they are hair-covered appendages of flesh hanging from the throat area. They are commonly found in dairy goats and are believed to be a genetic trait.

We've had our goats since July and so far, our experience with them has been wonderful. Here are a couple of pictures of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats.


See the wattles at the top of his neck.


Jan n Jer said...

They are really cute!

Colleen C said...

Good Lord Tracy ... what next? lol They are adorable. Rick has a liking for the fainting goats, but I doubt we would every tackle owning one much less two. Good luck with them!

The Church Lady said...

They are a very welcoming addition to your little "Country" family! Can't wait to see some babies come breeding time!