Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How To Beat The Heat

How to beat the summer heat...you eat snowballs, of course. We have a favorite spot to go just for that called Ben and Scooter's where you can find an endless list of snowball flavors therefore, making ordering quite difficult. Unless you're like me. We went there today and I ordered my usual, Egg Custard. I never wanted to try Egg Custard because it sounded so unappealing to me. What can you expect from a name like Egg Custard? I was always one of those people who took a loooooonngg time deciding until a couple of years ago, a friend had me try his and from that point on, Egg Custard has been my all time favorite.

Here are a few pictures. Try not to drool over our snowballs.

What's your favorite flavor snowball?


Janis said...

Great post Tracy...my favorite snowball is chocolate. Sometimes I get marshmellow in the middle...YUM!

The Church Lady said...

I just have one question...where is the marshmallow?? I HAVE to have marshmallow on my egg custard (fav. flavor) snowball! Eating a snowball is a fantastic way to beat the heat!

These Nine Acres said...

What a great place! I laughed when I read that you didn't want to try egg custard. I was the same way, but was hooked once I ate it! Yum!