Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly Idea

This new silly idea has been the latest and greatest fade with the kids. What I'm referring to is the Silly Bands. Who knew these rubber band like bracelets that come in really cool colors and shapes, would be so popular with the kids.

I know every Mom out there has the same question...Why? Why couldn't I have thought of this simple and silly idea? My girls absolutely love them and are very protective over them as well. Neighbor friends have asked if they could wear them, and the answer was flat out "NO"! When Gabby isn't wearing her Silly Bands, she keeps them safely in her room out of reach from her little sister. Yesterday, Gabby wasn't home all day so Holly knew she had her chance to wear her sister's bands. And she wore them proudly. Thankfully, Grandma Jan come over with more Silly Bands and now Holly has her very own.


Janis said...

I wish I was the inventor...I would be relaxing on a tropical Isle somewhere. I told Casey that Ollies got some more silly bands in and she asked me to pic up the sports n summer ones. She has 150 of them. I think its so cute that Gabs n Holly likes them so much...I will have to pic some more up for them.

The Church Lady said...

These sillybandz are popular with all the kidz! BTW, great photography!