Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoot Me ! #2 of 52

Is it Thursday already? Every Thursday I will be participating in "Shoot Me" hosted by Forever In Blue Jeans. You too can play. Click here to sign up and to see the other participants. Here are the rules:

Shoot Me! It's time to stop hiding behind that camera of yours. Your family is missing you in the picture. So it's time to post a picture of YOU (yes, you) every Thursday with your child, your spouse, your friend, your dog, or even by yourself. Just get in the picture, you'll be glad you did!

Here's one of the little goats we'll be bringing home at the end of June. Ain't she the cutest? Her name is Olivera. The breeders picked out the name and I think we'll keep it the same


Jan n Jer said...

cute goat n cute name...I like it! Cant wait to see those little things.

The Church Lady said...

I like her coloring. You will make a good goat mama!

Carin said...

Oh how cute is Olivera! I bet you can't wait till you can bring her home. great pic.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute! My hubby and I had 11 goats for a summer to clean out our tree row. It was definately an interesting time. We were both raised on cattle farms so goats were a bit different. lol

Ms. Diva said...

I am loving your blog!! (new follower!) And such a cute goat!!! I'd love to have chickens and goats but my dogs would frown on it! haha

~KATE~ said...

yeah, she is cutest!

i'm looking forward to see and read more about Olivera soon!

thanks for sharing!

Here's my Thursday Shoot. \(^^)/

Marice said...

awwww nice shot :) and i like her name ;) im your newest follower!

sorry for the late visit
u may view mine too here