Friday, November 13, 2009

Love and Logic I pooped! I had a very busy week filling in as a sub bus driver. My days started at 5:30 a.m. The darn roosters weren't even cock-a-doo-da-doodling yet. I would hop out of bed, grab some clothes, fix a quick breakfast, and head out the door without my morning java. My first pick up was 6:59 a.m. way out in the boonies where the deer roam freely and the roads are windy and bumpy. It went well but, I learned that the elementary school kids were much harder to control than the High School and Middle School kids. The older kids were loud and they messed with me (playfully) but the little ones, had sugar running through their veins morning and afternoon. I tried remembering how it was to be their age and ride on a bus so, I tried a love and logic technique that I learned from a friend. How the technique works is to give the kids a choice and let them make a decision instead of you making it for them. One little girl decided she was going to throw paper at the kid sitting in front of her. So, I asked her to pick up the paper and sit in the front seat. When I asked her what should I do next, she replied in a solemn voice, "Tell Miss Amber". The technique seemed to have worked on her but unfortunately, it didn't for others. Some kids are ruined for life! Next time, I'm handing out to every obnoxious kid (which could be the entire bus) the Love and Logic book pictured above. Maybe the parents will learn a thing or two.

Stay tuned...the fun has just begun.

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The Church Lady said...

Some bad behavior does result in a disfunctional home life. And some, is just kids being bad. Good luck with that.