Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Family Member

We have a new family member and his name is Nyati (a.k.a. Bear). We adopted Nyati from our neighbors. Here's the story...One day as we were playing outside on the driveway, this dog came wondering over to us. Without knowing his disposition, we approached him very carefully to be sure he was friendly and sure enough, he greeted us with a paw shake and lots of licks. With that, we started throwing a ball for him and he would fetch it and bring it back over and over again. We started seeing more of Bear and every time he'd come by, the girls would excitedly run out to play with him. I have to admit, I'd be right behind the girls just as excited to see him.

One day, like usual, we were outside playing with Bear. I told Gabby I had to put Holly down for a nap but to stay outside and I would be right back. While I was inside, Bear's owner walked over to our house wanting to talk to me but, by time I got back outside, she was gone along with the dog. I decided since we never really officially met, just a friendly wave as we're driving by, that we should walk over to their house and introduce ourselves.

As it turns out, Bear comes from a family of 6 with two other smaller dogs and a cat. The four children are grown and they all have jobs leaving no time or no one to play with Bear. So, when Robin (the owner), asked if we would like to keep him I checked with Matt right away and the adoption took place.

Nyati is an Indian name meaning Great Buffalo. The girls like calling him Bear plus it's easier for them to say. For now, we'll call him by both names but eventually we'll just call him Bear.

He loves playing Frisbee!!


The Church Lady said...

Bear is a lovely addition to your family. He is so kind and gentle. I was just noticing in the last pic - was Holly undressing or getting dressed?

Janis said...

Nyati(Bear) is a nice dog, he has a gentle disposition and is good with the kids. I think he will be a good pet. He has beautiful blue eyes too.

♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

How sweet! He is a pretty dog and sure to bring lots of love to your family, as you will to him!