Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Time

Last weekend we celebrated Gabby's 5th birthday. Saturday we had a party with 6 of Gabby's friends at our house. My nieces, Carley and Casey, were in charge of face painting which all of the kids loved. I planned games to play, had prizes to give away, and best of all (at least that's what I thought) a pinata to shake a stick at but, to my surprise, the 4 and 5 year olds were mostly interested in playing on the swing set. We did get the games in but when I was giving the instructions on how to play, most of them starred at me with blank looks so, I knew my game planning wasn't going to be as big of hit as I thought. Anyway, the kids had fun and Gabby had a great birthday.

Sunday we celebrated Memorial Day and Gabby's birthday with our family which also turned out really well. Everyone had plenty to eat and the kids enjoyed fishing at the farm pond behind our house.

Best of all, on Tuesday Gabby's actual birthday, we gave her our gift which was....drum roll please....a brand new Barbie bike. It's pink of course, loaded with lots of bling bling, a barbie nap sack, and an attachment for the handle bars where Barbie can ride along. She loves it!

Here are some pictures from those events:
Carely and Casey facepainting

Gabby's BFF


Janis said...

It was a great weekend for a very nice day celebration. Gabby had a great thats for sure. Love her new Barbie bike!

The Church Lady said...

Gabby looks soooo happy on her new bike! She looks adorable in her dress. Gab had a great b-day party weekend celebration!

♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

Happy birthday, Gabby! She is so adorable, Tracy! We are getting Ladybug a "grown up" mountain bike for her birthday this week!