Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treats, Treats, Treats

Despite the blustery cold weather last night, the trick or treaters were out in droves. Actually, the trick or treaters probably didn't mind the weather because what was important to them was of course, filling their bags with goodies.

As we went door to door, we got a chance to see some very scary and creepy decorations. We completely skipped one house because we heard loud screams coming from the kids. (We had little ones in our group) It seems decorating for Halloween has become just as popular as Christmas. We walked the neighborhood for about 1 hour and then headed back to G.J. and Grandpa's house. Immediately, the kids emptied their bags of goodies on the floor and starting picking through to find their favorite candy. Watching them dig through their goodies reminded me of my trick or treating days. My favorite candy was and still is M&M's and Snicker Bars. Although, these days, eating candy is something I try to avoid (sometimes). I had one Twix bar and felt guilty with every bite.

We had a great time and the kids looked great in their costumes. Take a look for yourself.

Holly fit into her Black Cat costume perrrrrfect.

Our gang from the left Carley, Taylor, Sam, Gabrielle, Katie, Casey, and Holly

Gabrielle enjoying her treats


Janis said...

It was a fun cold nite, but worth it to see the excitement in the kids eyes. The girls were very good to Grandpa, they shared a lot of the candy with him. He's a happy man!

{i}Post said...

Fun! It was a cold night for it. For us it will be a tad bit warmer on Friday!

The Church Lady said...

It was fun! I can't say the same about only eating one piece of candy. I think I have had my fair share!