Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Time For Everything

After a year of reading and enjoying the everyday happenings from other blogs, I decided I wanted to join the band wagon. I have to give credit to my sister and cousin for giving me the inspiration to start writing about my own life experiences.

The other night I laid in bed wondering what I would write about. I wanted to share an experience that everyone could relate to. I wanted to write about something that excited me. Something that gets me going every single day. So, after many sleepless nights (to be honest, it was only probably one) I decided I wanted to write about the wonderful blessings my life has been enriched with. Let me start with the most important one and that is my family. I have two beautiful little girls and a loving and wonderful husband who is my rock and keeps me in check especially on those crazy days. When I'm feeling blue, reflecting on a blessing in my life, helps me to see the day through. I know it's easier said then done but once you train yourself to focus on happy and positive thoughts, those negative ones go right out the door. I'm still in training myself but I know eventually, I'll get to a place where insomnia and stress are no longer a part of my life.

As a novice writer and first time blogger, I hope my experiences and thoughts keep others interested in reflecting on their own blessings. Each day or when time allows, I hope to share new enriching experiences with you and maybe you would like to share yours with me.

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Living Life In PA said...

Very nicely said. I am looking forward to more more more!! Love ya!