Saturday, September 13, 2008

Creepy Encounters

Living in a wooded area, you never know what you're going to stumble across. Gabrielle and Matt went out this evening as they do sometimes in the evenings, to look for Mr. Toad. Well, they found Mr. Toad alright being chased by Mr. Snake. Well, I don't know who was more excited; Mr. Snake because we was about to have a scrumptious meal or my husband who loves reptiles. I knew I'd have to grab my camera for this hopefully rare sighting. Matt insisted on picking up the snake and moving it away from the house into the woods. If you ever need assistance identifying or relocating a snake, Matt's your man. He knows his snakes. But then, after being so engrossed with this snake, we spotted a really creepy spider on the side of our house. Moving the flashlight upwards, we saw another creepy spider, and another, and another...OMG I was really freaked out by that point. I am not a fan of spiders and those little critters had practically encased the whole front of our house in web's. CREEPY!!!! You never know what you're going to find lurking in the night...

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