Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2nd Year of Preschool

Yesterday was Gabrielle's first day of her 4 year old preschool. She was so excited and was so looking forward to this day pretty much all summer. Last year, she met a special friend named Emma and by the end of the school year, our family and Emma's family knew all about this friendship they had joined. We would hear about Emma during dinner, in the car, at bedtime. It was so cute how Emma was a special part of Gabrielle's life at this age. This year, Amie (Emma's Mom) and I made sure they were in the same class and I think this was the reason Gabrielle was anxious to start school. As usual, when I picked her up yesterday, her teacher brought her out to the car and Gabb was smiling ear to ear. I knew she would have a story to share about what her and Emma did that day. So far, school agrees with Gabrielle and I hope she continues to enjoy it as the years come. Her imagination and understanding of everything makes me think this will help her do well in school but maybe I'm just boasting because I'm so proud of my little Doodle Bug.


Living Life In PA said...

Gabby looks sooooo pretty! This is just the beginning of the rest of her life!!

Tracy said...

Thank you. Does Casey have any dresses she'd like to pass on?