Thursday, March 27, 2014


As the yearbook photographer for the girls school, I have the privilege to bring in my camera any day of the week and snap away (unless I’m specifically told not to photograph a student because of confidentiality issues).

I’m known as Gabby’s Mom, Yearbook Lady, and sometimes Mrs. Ozsvath.  When they see me coming with my camera, they make sure they are seen.  In an instant, they go from sitting quietly to making silly faces or a striking a pose.  I usually cause “some” disruption wherever I go...and I love it!  The kids love it!!

Today, I took some candid shots of some very happy kids outside on the playground.  They have been working hard all week on Pennsylvania School System of Assesments (PSSA) and finally, they finished for the week.  Their teachers rewarded them with some “free” time outside.

This is guy LOVES reptiles.  He has been over to our house to see the snakes and fish and was thrilled to handle just about every snake he was shown.  When I see him at school he makes sure to tell me about reptile ads on Craigslist or sales at Petco that I might be interested in.  I just nod and say “Wow” a lot.  He’s a great kid with a huge you can tell.


Jan n Jer said...

You caught some fun shots. Kids are natural "Hams"

Living Life said...

I know exactly what you mean! Kids sure like to ham it up! Love the kiddo with the missing teeth!