Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And So It Begins...

First Day of Kindergarten

A time for learning
and growing up
A time for understanding
and using manners
A time for respect 
and discipline
A time for having fun
and making new friends
A time to cherish
and enjoy

A time to spread yours wings and fly!

First day of third grade - Mrs. Wilson

Sisters have a special bound
a bound that is also a friendship

As you grow together, you'll make new friends
and may even share the same friendships

As you go through life, some of those
friendships dissolve and other friendships form

People come into your life and go out of your life

But, the friendship sisters share is unique and never fades

It only gets stronger each new day.

Aiden and Holly - first day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Stranick

Olivia and Gabby - first day of third grade with Mrs. Wilson

We're off to an awesome school year!! 
Love you Gabby and Holly


Jan n Jer said...

Another Milestone...both kids in school!!! Such an exciting time! I bet alot of MOMs had a big smile on their faces this morning!!! Great pics Tray!

Living Life said...

Exciting times! You are right, sisters do have a special bond!!